Selected Publications

Vaccaro, E.A., P.W. Feldhoff, R.C. Feldhoff and L.D. Houck. Pheromone-mediated responses to sexual and nonsexual stimuli in a plethodontid salamander.  Animal Behaviour 80: 983-989. pdf

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Kiemnec-Tyburczy, K.M., R.A. Watts, R.C. Gregg, D. Von Borstel and S.J. Arnold. 2009. Evolutionary shifts in courtship pheromone composition revealed by EST analysis of plethodontid salamander mental glands.  Gene 432: 75-81. pdf

Vaccaro, E.A., P.W. Feldhoff, R.C. Feldhoff and L.D. Houck. 2009. Male courtship pheromones suppress female tendency to feed but not to flee in a plethodontid salamander.  Animal Behaviour 78: 1421-1425. pdf

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Palmer, C.A., R.A Watts, L.D. Houck, A.L. Picard, and S.J. Arnold. 2007. Evolutionary replacement of pheromone components in a salamander signaling complex: more evidence for phenotypic-molecular decoupling.  Evolution 61:202-15. pdf

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Wirsig-Wiechmann, C.R., L.D. Houck, J.M. Wood, P. W. Feldhoff and R.C. Feldhoff.  2006.  Male Pheromone Protein Components Activate Female Vomeronasal Neurons in the Salamander Plethodon shermaniBMC Neuroscience 7,26. doi:10,1186/1471-2202-7-26. pdf

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